aka Daniel Van Ness

  • I live in 226, Cobbleway, Walkersville MD
  • I was born on November 20
  • My occupation is Stop motion designer and narrator
  • I am Male
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    October 21, 2011 by SpeedyMan92

    Good evening, this is SpeedyMan92..............I know Codename: Kids Next Door just got taken off Cartoon Network..........but I can still play the games on like the Numbuh generator game and the KND Transmittor game as well.

    • Danny Cooksey as Numbuh 325,326 (Jack Spicer's voice from Xiaolin Showdown)
    • Alyson Stoner as Numbuh 238,239 (Isabella's voice from Phineas and Ferb)
    • Susanne Blakeslee as Puppet Queen (Cruella DeVille's voice from House of Mouse)
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