Numbuh 99 (Sarah Q. Mola)
Numbuh 99 KTD
D.O.B: August 22nd, 1986
Gender: Female
Status: Unknown/ Possibly Retired...
Faction: Kid Titans Of Demoral
Occupation: Supreme Leader of the Third Generation
Love Interest:
Years Active: 1991-2002

Sarah Qalmor Mola A.K.A Numbuh 99 Is the supreme Leader of the Third Generation  Kid Titans of Demoral, from the years 1991 too the Demoral's end in 2002. She was known too have lead the KTD throuhout an 11 year conflict against another childrens orginization , one that is about 18 years younger than the Kid Titans of Demoral.

She dissappered sometime, during the Kids Next Door Invasion of New York on December 6th, 2002. After the War's end her fate current fate remained unknown.

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