Numbuh 25L
Real Name (Unknown) Forest
Age 12
Sector C (original sector),
O (current/temporary sector)
Status Good
Occupation Working at Sector O
Friends See Allies below
Allies TND undercover for the KND,
Unknown Crush,
Unknown Monster,
Numbuh 25R,
Deceased KND Operative
Rivals See Enemies below
Enemies Unknown Bad Boy of the TND,
Mr. B,
Negative Numbuh 25R,
Ankle Biters,
19th Century Counterparts of Delightful Children from Down the Lane,
Negative KND,
People who hate candy and video games
2x4 Weaponry B.O.O.K. (Boring Object Of Kids)


He has brown hair, wears a green shirt, and blue jeans. He has three picture books to bore enemies.


Numbuh 25L is the smart operative of Sector C and new recruit of Sector O who wants to grow up and be a 13 year old operative of the KND.


  • Numbuh 25R (triplet)
  • Numbuh 250 (deceased triplet)
  • Unknown Elder (grandparent)
  • Feminine Elder (grandmother)
  • Undercover KND Operative (friend; not related)
  • Unknown Parents (parents)



Numbuh 25REdit

Despite them teasing each other, Numbuh 25R is a friend of Numbuh 25L. Any enemy of Numbuh 25R`s is an enemy of his, and vice versa.

Numbuh 250Edit

Numbuh 250 was the twin sibling of Numbuh 25L. In the one episode he appeared in, Numbuh 25L started to like then dislike Numbuh 250.


He considers them to be old, annoying, and boring 'thugs'.


Numbuh 25L likes his parents, but, much to his dislike, has no time for them.


  • He watches alot of movies.
  • He was captured in the Negaverse, along with his grandparents and siblings (including Numbuh 250, because that`s when he was deceased)
  • It is revealed that Numbuh 25R was born first, Numbuh 25L was born second, and Numbuh 250 was born last.
  • Despite his last name being 'Forest', his house, nor any of his sectors, are close to a forest.
  • Numbuh 250 was his favorite sibling.
  • He is clumsy with anything other than his B.O.O.K.