Catherine as a werewolf

Numbuh 11 Catherine "Cathy"  Dickens a.k.a Numbuh 11, she's a combat expert and very fistity 10-year-old Malaysian girl. She loves fighting and art, she was the second fighter in Sector V.Cathy often hates bullies if they insult her, one touch and she beats them up.  


Cathy was also known as the first werewolf in Sector V which was a seceret in the treehouse. A year ago she was bitten by an infected wolf, it nearly broke her arm. When she transform she was horrifed the first time, years later she always scare Kuki for some reason, like annoy her too much, make her watch rainbow monkeys and wear makeup and all the things that Kuki liked to do.  

Relationships                                                         Edit

Numbuh 4 (possibly)

Cathy likes Wally if he fights, ecspecialy if they fight toghether, as a werewolf she would sneak to his room and scare him, he could be likeable easier if they first met. They mostly spend time on after school like talking,practice to fight, watch tv or walking in the sidewalks.  


Numbuh 11


Catherine "Cathy" Dickens






July 29th


Slender, brown hair, red hoody sweater, blue jeans and white shoes


Human and werewolf

First apeareance



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